This is the Registan at sunset. Nothing beats it!

In 2015 we travelled across Central Asia, spending four months exploring the ‘Stans – Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

From the Pamir Mountains to the Karakum Desert and everywhere in between, the thing that blew us away the most was getting lost along the historic Silk Road.

Each country is uniquely different, and it is a tough call comparing one with the other. But in terms of awe-inspiring history and phenomenal architecture, only one nation stands out – Uzbekistan.

Sure, we could write a 5000-word article on why it was so mesmerising. Or we could just put together 40 of our favourite photos to convince you to go yourself. We went with the latter option.

So here you go – 40 incredible photos of Uzbekistan that will blow your mind!

Samarkand Uzbekistan Photography

Turn a corner in Samarkand and this is what you see.

Silk Photos of Uzbekistan

If you want traditional silk clothes you’ve come to the right place – this lady extracts it from silkworms the traditional way!

Kyzylkum Desert Uzbekistan Photography

You can camp in yurts out in the middle of the Kyzylkum Desert. Bucket list anyone?

Golden Statue Uzbekistan Photography

Talk about ostentatious! A golden statue with a globe on top, where the only country illustrated is Uzbekistan.

Gold Script Uzbekistan Photography

Beautiful gold scripts inside Amir Timur’s Mausoleum. Each panel tells a story.

Bukhara Uzbekistan Photography

Bukhara, anyone?

Blue Tiles Uzbekistan Photography

Those blue tiled mosaics are exquisite!

Bibi-Khanym MosqueUzbekistan Photography

The 600-year-old Bibi-Khanym Mosque in Samarkand…So pretty…

Fire Concert Uzbekistan Photography

Head into the desert, make a fire and be serenaded with traditional Uzbek music from a local nomad.

Gur Emir Uzbekistan Photography

Gur Emir – the mausoleum of the conqueror Amir Timur by day.

Gur Emir Night Uzbekistan Photography

And again at night. Wow!

Kukeldash Mosque Tashkent Uzbekistan Photography

Even the capital has incredible sights – This is the Kukeldash Mosque in Tashkent.

Chorsu Bazaar Uzbekistan Photography

If you’re feeling hungry stop by the Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent for a dazzling selection of spices and food!

Kamchik Pass Qurama Mountains Fergana Valley Uzbekistan Photography

The country isn’t just desert and Silk Road architecture! This is crossing the Kamchik Pass in Eastern Uzbekistan. The view down the Qurama Mountains in the Fergana Valley is, in a word, epic! It’s also considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Bukhara Scissors Uzbekistan Photography

This guy in Bukhara makes some of the sharpest scissors in the world, by hand!

Tiles Uzbekistan Photography

You could stare at those tiles for days…

Necropolis Samarkand Uzbekistan Photography

Walking through the Necropolis in Samarkand is like being transported back in time.

Shaki Zinda Complex Uzbekistan Photography

The Shakhi Zinda complex is known as “Cemetery Street” due to the huge number of royals buried in the surrounding tombs.

Uzbek Cash Uzbekistan Photography

The black market in Uzbekistan is crippling the local economy, but this makes it a surprisingly affordable place to travel as a tourist. You can get double the value for your US dollar then the official market rate by going to the streets. This wad of cash? US$100…

Kalta Minor Uzbekistan Photography

Kalta Minor in Khiva was destined to become the highest minaret in Central Asia, until the leader Muhammad-Amin-khan died in battle and construction was put on hold. It’s still mind blowing though!

Young Girl Uzbekistan Photography

The young kids in traditional dress are just adorable!

Kids Uzbekistan Photography

And they love getting photos with tourists!

Khiva Men Uzbekistan Photography

Elderly men chilling by a 600-year-old wall in Khiva. Because why not?

Samarkand Uzbekistan Photography

The buildings are massive! Really massive!

Handmade Carpet Uzbekistan Photography

If you’re looking to get a beautiful handmade carpet at an affordable price it is hard to beat Uzbekistan. Many carpets can have 2, 3 or even more people working on them at once and can take up to a year to make.

Registan Day Uzbekistan Photography

The Registan by day…

Registan Night Uzbekistan Photography

The Registan at night. Delicious!

Bukhara Lady Praying Uzbekistan Photography

96% of the Uzbek population are Muslim. Here we found a lady praying in one of the mosques in Bukhara.

Samarkand Madrassa Uzbekistan Photography

The golden interior of Amir Timur’s Mausoleum in Samarkand.

Samarkand Uzbekistan Photography

Everywhere you look – magnificence!

Bukhara Ceramics Uzbekistan Photography

Uzbekistan is known for its amazing arts and crafts that have been developed on the Silk Road over the centuries. Here a man makes ceramics by hand outside of Bukhara.

Silk Man Uzbekistan Photography

If you want silk, this is the place to go…

Kukeldash Madrassa Uzbekistan Photography

Kukeldash Madrassa in Tashkent – a centre of Muslim education.

Registan Uzbekistan Photography

Ahh the Registan again. Because you can never get enough of it.

Bukhara Minaret Uzbekistan Photography

A man walks around the base of a minaret in Bukhara.

Chorsu Bazaar Uzbekistan Photography

Food for sale at the Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent. So many flavours!

Samarkand Uzbekistan Photography

Just your standard views in Samarkand.

Khiva Madrassa Uzbekistan Photography

A lady walks through the grounds of a madrassa in Khiva.

Samarkand Uzbekistan Photography

Yep, Uzbekistan is pretty mind blowing!

We wandered through Uzbekistan in partnership with Dragoman. All photos are our own.

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