Since it inception, the stated mission of INTELITY has been to provide customers with the most direct and advanced connection to their guests, while also supporting back-of-house operations and business intelligence. The company, based in Orlando, Florida, has indeed established itself as a leading provider of guest engagement and staff management platform capabilities.

The 11-year-old company now aims to further strengthen its position in the hospitality sector and also accelerate its move into other key markets, including Europe, Asia Pacific and the United Arab Emirates. As the company announced today, it has secured a $44 million investment from Philadelphia-based LLR Partners, a private equity firm, to help fuel these ambitions. The new funding round brings the company’s total funding amount to $63 million.

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The investment comes on the heels of INTELITY’s merger last summer with KEYPR, an enterprise provider of cloud-based guest experience and management solutions to hotels, casinos, and luxury residences. The investment from LLR Partners should help the company advance its competitive position in the fast-growing market for hotel guest experience management solutions.

The INTELITY platform includes more than 120 certified, discrete integrations and technology partnerships. These integrations and partnerships go a long way toward reducing the friction hotel operators often experience as they look to incorporate new technology solutions.

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In a single platform, INTELITY is designed to provide management teams with comprehensive tools that allow them to better track and manage all activity between guests and staff.  INTELITY markets its platform as a full, end-to-end solution to the common pain points that occur throughout the guest and staff journeys. If the $44 million investment is any indication, the company is doing a good job of it.